Friday, October 3, 2008

9 reasons that I know that I am an adult

I would like to dedicate my very first Blog to my co-worker Donna who has inspired me to create my own blog! In her honor I have created a list of events and reasons that qualify me as an ADULT!

1. I FOUND A GREY HAIR- Yes, 2 days after my 22nd Birthday I was shamelessly admiring my reflection in my bathroom mirror and I suddenly noticed a string of hair that was significantly lighter that the rest of my head. I leaned in closer to get a better look, hoping that it was simply a blonde streak left from the summer. No Luck. It was pure white. Naturally, I call my mother immediately and since I have the tendency to over react, I instantly broke into tears. After a few minutes of bellyaching about the end of my childhood and brainstorming qualities I will look for in a suitable nursing home that I will need to check in to by the end of the month, I realized that maybe, just maybe, this grey hair is not the end of the world after all. There is nothing that screams adult like having grey hair. I have decided that I am not thinking of my grey hair ( that was pulled out of my head and is being saved on my dresser ( wow creepy)) as a bad thing at all. This is the first sign of proof that I have taken that step to the darkside...that step towards adult hood. They say that with age comes wisdom- so lets not think of our grey hair as STREAKS OF WISDOM!

2. I was at a wedding this summer and the best man asked me if I was MARRIED! Although I am currently as single as they come and that I am entirely too independent to even consider marraige right now.... that man thought that it was a POSSIBILITY that I was hitched. Adults get married...end of story. The average woman in the US gets married when she is 26. ( Actually I just made that up, but it sounds about right.) 26 is only about 4 years older than me!

Also as a side note- did you know that the average women kisses 29 people before she get married? Isnt that interesting? I didnt even make that statistic up...some one else did.

3. When I go clothing shopping... I look for Black, grey, Beige, and white. uuugh. Lets just sign me up for AARP now...

4. I no longer drink from a keg. Sophisticated adults like myself enjoy sharing a bottle of wine with a friend. Usually we even use glasses.

5. If my mini van doesnt scream ADULT... I dont know what does.

6. I have been practicing walking in heals....with little luck...but still...I have been practicing.

7. I know how to knit.

8. I no longer consider Raman noodles as "cooking"

9. Iam an adult... adults do not need to justify their reasoning. Im adult.." Because I said so!"

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